Q- What is your style of photography?
A- I would classify my style of photography as a blend of editorial and photojournalistic photography styles. Weddings simply cannot be entirely photojournalistic unless you don't want any kind of portraits or group photos. I think it's important to let somethings just "happen" and to be in the right place to capture the moment naturally without my involvement, but some of my favorite photos have my 'fingerprints' on them, meaning I controlled at least something: whether it was setting up the moment or giving an idea to the bride and groom or other person I'm photographing.


Q- Can we meet with you prior to the wedding to go over details, discuss packages, and see samples?
A- Of course! Actually I require this. If you're interested in learning more about my packages I'd like to meet you and see if we're a good fit. I like to work with clients that want great photos and understand that even the world's greatest photographer can't get their best work done if they don't mesh with their subject. When I photograph your wedding I want you to feel completely comfortable and natural around me, if I'm a stranger you've only talked to through email or over the phone this isn't possible.


Q- Do you include engagement sessions with your packages?
A- All of my packages include a complementary engagement session. I require my clients to do an engagement session with me for the same reason I want to meet them and go over what I can offer them in person before they hire me. It gets you more comfortable and helps you get better photos. Engagement sessions are always fun and whether you plan on using the photos from the session for Save the Dates or just for Facebook profile pics they get your friends and family almost as excited for your big day as you are.


Q- What is a second shooter? Who are they?
A- A second shooter is a second professional photographer that can help complete the "big picture" of your day. No matter how much I try I can't be everywhere at once, if you want getting ready photos of the bride and the groom or a photo of the groom shedding a tear while his bride approaches him down the aisle, a second photographer is a critical component of being able to completely capture those moments. They also double as an assistant which allows for quicker setup of lights for receptions and arrangement of groups for formals. I highly recommend adding a second shooter to your wedding and I have a small group of other photographers that I work with all the time that I pull from for your second photographer on your big day.


Q- What is a first look? Why do you think it is important?
A- Seeing each other before the wedding makes everything go so much more smoothly: trust me on this. You will feel so much more relaxed by seeing each other before the ceremony. It also allows you to schedule all of the fun photos of the two of you and your bridal party before the ceremony, which allows you to enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests! Less stress and more time for great photos!


Q- Can you travel out of state or internationally for our wedding? What are your travel fees?
A- Absolutely! I love to travel, have a passport and a suitcase packed and ready to go. Just email me my flight and hotel information and I'll see you there. I'm one of the extremely few destination photographers that doesn't charge ANYTHING additionally to photograph a destination wedding. It's my speciality and it's what I love to photograph. The only additional cost you have with me photographing your destination wedding is the cost for my travel and lodging for the duration of how long you need me. There's no cost for travel or lodging at all within 2 hours of Washington DC.


Q - Will you be the person shooting my wedding? What happens if you are sick and injured and cannot shoot our wedding?

A- Yes. I don't double-book weddings so when you hire "me" you're actually hiring ME! Barring extreme circumstances (i.g. death, dismemberment, ect.) I'll be there and even in any extreme event where I'd be physically unable to photograph, I'll make sure you have another photographer I know and trust with a similar style to myself to cover your wedding. I'll never leave you hanging.


Q- Will the assistants and other photographers you hire to help shoot my wedding be people you have worked with before?

A- Yes. Weddings are busy complex days and require planning and experience to photograph well. I don't introduce unknown elements I can control by hiring someone I haven't worked with before. Anyone I hire to work with on your wedding day is someone I've worked with and know will deliver the same standard of quality I hold myself to. 


Q- How many photos should I expect to see from my wedding? Do you provide the digital negatives in the package? Are photos fully edited/retouched?

A-  Each event is different, some days are 4 hours long others are 12 hours or more, a wedding that has 400 guests and doesn't factor in a lot of time for photos of just you (the couple) and your bridal party means more photos of the reception and fewer unique photos of you (the couple). I try to keep the total  number of images between 400-600. Anything more tends to be a bit overwhelming especially when trying to choose photos for your album