New view on the World (Wide Web)

Just got finished setting up my new 24" LCD. I REALLY wanted to get an S-IPS panel, but I really didn't want to pay 300% more for one. I calibrate all my monitors to prints that I've made on my Epson R1800 and prints I've received from the labs I order from, so if there's a little bit of visual color shift from different angles it doesn't matter to me. I just need it to be accurate from where I'm sitting, so I settled for a mid-range display. This replaces a 4 year old LG L1720P (TN type panel) that I had purchased two of when they first came out for $480's ridiculous to me how cheap good electronic gear is now.


Here's what my "office" looks like now...a bit like the matrix. (from left to right, 24" Samsung LCD,15.4" Macbook Pro, 17" LG LCD, 40" Samsung LCD) I'm so addicted...I'm even considering picking up a Mac Pro sometime next year after the Nehalm processor refresh and picking uo another 40" LCD to use as my primary system...I need to go to counseling or something!