Hanging out with Chris, Brittney, Ian and little Joshua.

My friend Ian was home from school for spring break and we decided to stop by our friends Chris and Brittney's place and I brought along my camera to take pictures of their 6 week old baby Joshua. I went the night Josh was born to visit Chris and Brit at Loudoun County Hospital, but never got a chance to see him. He looks so much like Chris, except when he cries (which happened frequently...I guess he didn't like my flash, which I found out after two pictures) his forehead wrinkled up and looked like a little old bald guy that lost his teeth. After hanging out for a while watching some TV we all went to get some Milwaukee Frozen Custard, unfortunately mine decided to melt like an icecube in the desert and it was a struggle just trying to keep the ice cream in the cone and off the table.

Had to bust out the micro lens to get some pictures of Josh's feet.
It took nearly an hour of Ian and I being there before Josh opened his eyes.
Chris and Ian seemed very interested in the results of tonight's primaries...or so the claimed.

The second mom picked him up, he fell asleep.
This is their dog, wearing what I like to call the Hannibal Lector muzzle...hello Clarice
Chris still engrossed in the primaries...no one else was paying attention...
Ian demolished his frozen desert before I even got a chance to sit down, they were training a new employee tonight and it took twice as long as you could possibly imagine it to take to scoop frozen custard out of a tub and put it in a cone.
Josh was asleep, so he didn't get any...and Chris wound up finding a out of the box way of mounting the car seat at our table. The flipped upside down booster seat was a perfect fit for it.
If that's not unique, I must just need to get started having kids to learn this stuff.