Tag!!! I'm It!

Well I guess I deserve it, since I haven't had much of an opportunity to update my blog recently, but Armin tagged my blog and so I am forced by the Creed of the Blog to comply. Anyway the way this works is:

1) You tag someone by commenting that they have been tagged on their blog
2) You must post 5 songs you are embarrassed to admit you love
3) You must tag 7 other blogs (which will be a stretch for me as I read like 5 blogs...one of which is Armin's, one of which is Erin's who has already been tagged and Strobist...and David wouldn't even notice that he'd been tagged and is in Dubai right now anyway)

So here it goes...some of these will date me a little...so those of you who don't know my age will probably be able to guess after this post...

1) A recent favorite, only technically a song as it was created as a gag for the TV show "How I Met Your Mother", but wonderful nevertheless. It's "Let's Go to the Mall" by Robin Sparkles...

2) By far one of the most addictive songs and to this day use this song when I feel like blasting all 1500+ watts out of my subwoofers in my car..."Ninja Rap" by Vanilla Ice as seen in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Secret of the Ooze, and YES I know all the lyrics, but NO I will not be pulling an Armin on this one!

3) A rather strange song for me to enjoy, as I had never even heard of the performer until way past the prime of his career..."It's not Unusual" by Tom Jones

4) Apache by the Sugarhill Gang takes the number 4 spot...amazing song...play it and no matter what mood you're in you will start to dance around and do the cowboy dance move (I played it at work realllllyyyy loud as a joke once, no one could resist- kinda like Dave Chappelle's experiment on getting white people to dance when they hear an electric guitar)

5) The Final Countdown by Europe...this song, while amazingly awesome by itself, is made even more inspirational if you have seen a few episodes of Arrested Development...yet I would be embarrased to no end to play this in public.

So who am I tagging?

Ian Cozens at thekarmapolicearecoming.blogspot.com
Matt Schrader at sillyman.org
Peter Bang at Peterbang.blogspot.com

If I can think of anyone else...I'll add them to the list...maybe I should start reading some more blogs?

edit: Since sillyman.org has multiple authors (and technically I'm one of those too, although I've only made one post there) I'm tagging Matt Maddox and Patrick "Matt" Schrader as well!