Where's Waldo?

A few years ago I found this on someone's website and downloaded it onto my computer. The picture is of me back in high school. I have NO idea how the person found the picture to even put online, as they lived in California and I don't think they went to my school, but I was just cleaning out one of my hard drives and came across it again, and thought some of you out there might enjoy a picture of me from back in the day.


This picture was a crop from my senior yearbook panoramic. They had everyone go into the gym and sit on the bleachers for a HUGE group shot. I decided to dress up for the occasion, but I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt over top of my outfit as to not cause suspicion (or suspension LOL). The glasses by the way were made out of black pipecleaners. The funny thing is I discovered after the photos had been taken that the Yearbook Committee had joked about putting a cartoon insert of Waldo into the photo using Photoshop 7.0 (yeah it was that long ago, LOL).

...and no I do NOT still have this costume!