I promise to start working on things to blog about...

Wow, so I keep neglecting to update this page, but I'm going to start working on that. I'm going to try to have an update at least once a week from now on (fortunately I've got something cool going on at least once of a week for the next month or so, I'll just need to find time to write stuff here). I've been really busy with work lately and the only time I've had to type up anything recently has been for another project I'm working on.


Well I have about 4 blog posts I'm working on right now, and hope to post 1-2 by this weekend and the the other 2 next week. I'm writing a review on my first two weeks of experience with the SB-900, a review on the Sony a350 (Sony's first real shot at a mainstream DSLR). Anyone interested in other product/equipment reviews? I've still yet to do any real reviews on most of the gear I own, probably should work on that I guess. Check back this weekend for the update!