5D Mark II + Nikon glass = :P

I picked up a 5D Mark II for a fellow photog today, and of course I had to test drive it to make sure it was "working properly" before I hand it over on Wednesday.The thing takes incredibly high video quality, not to mention how well it does for stills. I'm not doing a full review... because #1 the only Canon lenses I own are old FD lenses (older than I am) and I'm a Nikon shooter, but that doesn't make me a Canon snob...okay, so maybe it does a little. You know, though, if I could use my Nikon lenses on a 5D Mark II, I'd totally pick up a Canon 5DM2 for JUST video. It's too bad that a Nikon lens just simply doesn't work on a Canon body...or DOES it??? hmmmm... wait for it...LEGENDARY! (warning!!! VERY boring video of me talking and pointing the camera at my desk because I'm too tired to go anywhere else right now...enjoy, but don't say I didn't warn ya'!)