North Carolina Miltary Wedding - Johhny and Meghan

I had the pleasure of photographing Johhny and Meghan's wedding the other day at Fort Bragg in North Carolina with Moshe! We had a great time, although going through security a couple times a day was kind of a drag. When we first got there, we met up with the happy couple to go down to one of their favorite places to hang out and get some fresh air, a lake very close to the base, for a quick photo session before their big day. The ceremony was beautiful and they made their exit through a saber arch on their way to Ironwood Cafe for the reception. Enjoy this little taste from their day! Be sure to check out Moshe's blog for the slideshow!

Meghan tried to stand on the branch to get a little closer to kiss Johnny and almost fell!

The best camera is the one you have with you!

It starting drizzling for a bit, so I decided to use my Westcott umbrellas as an rain umbrella instead of a reflector! Worked very well!

Johhny's dad want's YOU!

A "Thriller" homage to Michael Jackson got the crowd dancing!

Congratulations to both Johhny and Meghan!