Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Marci and Brian

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of documenting Marci and Brian's special day with Natalie "Flickr" Franke, who came all the way from Philadelphia for their wedding! They had a beautiful ceremony, as Marci had tears of joy streaming down her face as she walked down the aisle. Every time they caught each other's eye they broke out in ear to ear smiles! After the wedding as they dashed out to the limo in the rain, they were thrilled to discover their driver went and picked them up some McDonald's since they mentioned how hungry they were and she knew the bride and groom NEVER get enough time to eat at their own weddings! Marci's family is Polish and part of the Polish tradition is for the bride to wear a babushka (the scarf on her head in the last few images), while dancing with guests who put money in her veil, that the maid of honor holds. The bridesmaids keep her husband from getting to her until he throw his wallet into the veil. That signifies his commitment to provide for his new wife and family. It was a really cool tradition to be right in the middle of, even though I got shoved around a bit (it's a dangerous job, but somebody's got to do it!)