2012 is Going to Be a Good Year

So I don't really belive in setting "New Years Resolutions". The pit that people fall into is that they wait until January 1st to make all these changes in their life, and become overwhelmed and let things fall by the wayside as they go back to work after the holiday break. I prefer to decide to make changes in my life when the idea arises, and set goals for myself for the year. I list these goals here to put them somewhere public to keep me on track and keep myself accountable for making those changes in my life.

I choose to omit several from the public record as they are either personal or effect other involve things I'm not going to discuss here. I'm a pretty open book, but there's a few things I keep close to the chest.


2012 Goals


  1. ******** omitted **********
  2. ******** omitted **********
  3. Reevaluate myself every month and try to find my own faults and correct them
  4. Make sure every day, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in for over a decade
  5. Buy my first home
  6. Travel somewhere for fun, not just for work
  7. Continue to grow my photography business and reach the next milestone
  8. Become better organized
  9. Write more, both analytical and fictional
  10. Live life to the fullest, stop and smell the roses, and make every day count