The Pillowman at JMU

Unfortunately this didn't come out the way I wanted as I have somehow misplaced my serial number for Final Cut Studio, and had recently wiped my harddrive. So I had to put this together using iPhoto, but it still turned out pretty good. This is a slideshow of some shots I took during a dress rehearsal of The Pillowman down in Harrisonburg,VA. The show is DEFINATELY not for kids, but it was extremely well done. Easily the best show I've seen put on at any school or any community theater. If you get a chance you should definately check it out they're opening show is tomorrow night (Tuesday the 11th) and they have shows running all week long.

Lighting is fantastic, great mood. Acting is really top notch and really gets to you. I won't spoil the show for you though.  If I get a chance I'll be going down Friday to actually sit back and watch it without a camera in my hand, as hard as that may be for me :) Let me know what you think!

These are some of my favorite shots from the show. I wanted to post these, as the compression on the video will make most of the shots look like they were taken with cell phone...(seriously, who takes pictures with a cellphone?)