Northern Virginia Engagement Photographer - Jennifer + Vinny - Historic Clifton Virginia

This past weekend I had a blast shooting Jennifer and Vinny's engagement session! We had so much fun in Historic Clifton wandering around before the sleepy town even woke up. From the moment we started they couldn't stop laughing and smiling and cracking jokes. We lucked out by being able to use the train caboose before a group of teenager swarmed it to repaint. I loved the worn-down look. I can't wait to shoot their wedding next summer!

Washington DC Photography Workshops

As a preview of our upcoming workshops (more info on these later) Moshe Zusman, Paul Price, Zhia Victoria, and I had a short "Lighting a Venue" mini-seminar in Moshe's brand new (soon to have it's grand opening) studio space in DC. We had a great turnout of nearly 35 people, and there were some amazing free giveaways, including Pictobook Bijous, Nik software, Eye-fi cards, free print credit through Nations Photolab, and more! Stay tuned for details on the full multi-module seminar coming later this spring!

Maserati Good Times - Nikon D300S Test of Video and Stills

My D300S arrived yesterday, and I felt compelled to go out and give it a run for it's money, buy testing out video quality of fast moving objects (driving with it showed a bit of rolling shutter problems, but acceptable until something comes along that doesn't have that problem) and low light performance. I completely forgot to set the default type of photos to RAW, so the images in the video and posted below are straight-out-of-camera JPEGs, I simply brought the ones posted into Lightroom to resize and add the watermark. Hope this is at least a little interesting to you, I definitely had fun, and was surprised no cops showed up to ask me what I was doing laying on the ground next to a nice Maserati with a bunch of flashes gripped onto sign posts and railings.


Check out the video below or click this link to view the higher resolution version: