What's, plastic, 8 feet tall and communicates with whistles and beeps?

A gigantic R2-D2 made out of Legos!
Driving home from Alexandria I saw a sign outside of Tysons Corner Mall claiming they were building an eight-foot tall R2-D2 out of Legos. Since I had my D200 and 17-55 f/2.8 riding shotgun, I decided to hop out real quick and take a couple shots.
These guys have also made other things out of Legos, I flipped through a book they had lying on the table...these guys are truly masters of turning a tub full of plastic bricks into complex works of art.

Kids (and their parents) were ALL OVER the place making little things out of the ridiculous number of Legos that covered all the tables around the main attraction.
They plan on being finished with the whole construction tomorrow, unfortunately I have to work, so I'll miss seeing the final result, but I think I know what R2-D2 looks like...