First Post...I'll make it short

Well after reading other blogs for quite a while, I decided to start my own (now if only I'd get around to creating a full website...) Well anyway today I met up with Armin of Armin Defiesta Photography and Erin and Chris Harvey of Erin and Chris Photography down in Alexandria for Erin and Chris's second day of the Armin School of Photography. The two new photogs were doing an engagement portrait session for some friends and potential clients, while Armin was giving them tips and hints out of his own bag of tricks.

 Speaking of bags, I got a chance to try out the Boda Lens bag Armin has been raving about over at his blog, and I gotta say, I definitely see what he like about it! After the fun was over, I decided to hang out around Alexandria and take a couple photos, thought I might post a few.

Quite a to do where to start?

Don't ask me why they have a plastic horse in the back of the pickup...I didn't ask either...
Check out their blogs for photos (I'm sure they'll be posting some up online tonight - don't fault them because they chose Canon as a weapon of choice   : )     ) and leave some comments to let me know you stopped by!