Bowling is NOT my best sport...

So my friend Noman talked me into going bowling with him the other day and we invited a couple other people from work. (He also accidentally invited someone who used to work with us when he meant to call someone else... the person who showed up thought he was invited by someone else...huge case of mistaken identity)

Noman was the culprit
Noman Bowling

James and John (the other John, LOL) were the masters of the lanes, but it was John truly wiped the floor with us. Noman kept getting gutter balls until he found a technique that suited him well (pictured below)

James knocking 'em down
James knocks 'em down

John had the spin move down, that ball was sliding all over the place!
John had the skills

Noman's "Grandma" strategy
Noman's Grandma Strategy

Strategy pays off!!!
Strategy pays off

Your's truly actually managed to get a spare and then two strikes in a row! (That was the first time in my life I've bowled past a 110 score! I got a 124!

Stylish 'huh?

On a slighty different subject, it seems golf season is starting back up. I had to walk my sister's boyfriend's dog (long story) and saw this bright neon yellow golf ball some 4.5 feet from a support beam for our deck. (The golf course is 50 feet from my backyard)
Golf Season