You know you're a camera nerd when... (part one of many more to come) spend hours (literally) taking long exposures in a friends backyard painting images in the air with you iPhones.

I was hanging out with my friend Matt at his place taking some pictures of his fish and took a picture of him sitting in virtually no light in his living room (the lights were off as he was watching a movie when I got there) and he was like "$@#$@ where's all that light coming from it looks like day!?!?" So after doing a photo op for him and his various fish we stepped outside into his backyard where the closest light was a 60W tungsten bulb from inside his kitchen about 30 feet away and took some long exposures.

Matt smiling at his fish through the glass
fishy 01
fishy 03
fishy 02

To get good focus I asked him to hold his phone near his face to get more light so I (the camera could focus just fine, but I am used to not trusting focus in lowlight so I needed to check) could even see what I was focusing on, and I took a test shot at about 1/2 a second. From this test image we got the idea to start drawing stuff in the air with our phones on long timed exposures and illuminate our faces in various parts of the image. (Matt is DEFINATELY better at this than I am)

Show me that logo!
show me that logo

As you can see...Matt is quite the sailor (he pulled this off himself in 30")

This shot (yes, a remake of Harry Potter) was the result of a slow evolution of "fighting light phones" images...
first attack

In our version the kid with the glasses (me) loses...