Washington DC Engagement Photographer - Katie + Jeff - Johns Hopkins University

Katie and Jeff have an unusual first date/how they met story: Katie won a date with Jeff through some serious basketball skills (both were captains of their college basketball teams) and they wanted to capture that common interest and history in their engagement session. Moshe Zusman and I shot this session at Katie and Jeff's old stomping grounds at Johns Hopkins University, both in the gym as well as around campus. we had some beautiful overcast skies, and couldn't have asked for a better looking, and fun couple to spend the morning with! I took the opportunity to also test out two new pieces of gear, the Pocketwizard MiniTT1 and the LumoPro LP160 (which was triggered using a PWII), both of which worked wonderfully, with minimal hangups. For most of the gym photos, I used the LP160 racked into 105mm and rested it on top of the bleachers at about 45 degrees from where Katie and Jeff were doing their thing. I can't wait for their wedding later this summer! It's going to be at the beautiful Woodend (one of my favorite outdoor venues).