Northern Virginia Wedding - Tysons Corner Ritz Carlton - Deena and Mike

I had the honor of photographing Deena and Mike's wedding this past weekend with Armin. It was an amazing day, two string quartets, rocking band, beautiful locations, and a couple that just couldn't hide their love. Both Deena and Mike (or was it Matthew? The deacon wasn't sure, LOL!) were beaming ear to ear the whole day! Images were taken for Armin Defiesta Photography.

By the way, pay attention to everyone's hands. they really do help tell the story of the day!

Caught Mike killing time on his phone before the ceremony...Twittering perhaps?

Dad is so happy on the day of his daughter's wedding...

Hands tell you so much about how excited Mike is and how relaxed John, his best man was!

We headed up to Georgetown after the ceremony

Some of the guests were partying pretty hard! Some more than others...